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What comfort knowing what I know

This morning Chardie, William and I went for a walk around our local shopping area before it got too hot. It was nice and quiet since most of the stores had not yet opened. Since Brie has been gone all week on her Washington trip this has given Chardie and I more one on one time. We were walking by Bath and Bodyworks and Chardie comes out of nowhere and tells me that if anything ever happened to me and her dad that William would have to go with her. He would not have any choice. That melted my heart in a way that unless you were in my shoes you would understand it fully. To know that big sister would willingly step up in that way is priceless and brings me so much comfort. I love my sweet children. ♥
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H1N1- Do it or not?

Getting the H1N1 vaccination has been the talk of the nation as well as the #1 subject in the Ismail household. We have been debating over and over about what to do. Many years ago when Dwayne worked in a big corporation (and the economy was stable) the company paid for all employees to get a traditional flu shot. Dwayne got his and ended up with the flu a couple weeks later. I think this had made me feel negatively about the flu shot as far as the fact that there is no guarantee you will not get sick. It's simply a preventative measure. Now with this newer strain of flu in the air we all have to make decisions on how we will handle things for our families. We did so much research and watched at least a dozen documentaries and still it seems like a tough choice as to what we should do.

Our kids' schools are offering the vaccine free of charge to the student body on a first come first served basis. We have declined. As a family we have decided to take some alternative precautions. We are all thankfully in optimal health so we are taking vitamin D and C supplements as well as incorporating some healthy food choices full of these vitamins as well. That accompanied by good hand washing and getting ample rest and exercise will hopefully keep us healthy. If we do get ill we will immediately report to the doctor and not try to wait it out. This was such a hard decision for us and I really hope it was the right one. It's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't scenarios.

What about you? Did you get either the flu shot or H1N1 shot? Have you had the swine flu or any of your family members? I wonder if our President got one.
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