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Aug 24, 2011

Nerds make my day!

I was driving Chardie and Brie to school this morning like I always do. Wednesdays are my favorite because they have late start. This means a little extra sleep and a more relaxed morning. Even before the girls get in the car they start up with all sorts of chatter, jokes and foolishness. Of course being the awesome mom I am, I fully participate in the shenanigans! I laugh myself almost to tears most mornings. This morning the topic was science classes. Chardie had to double up on sciences since she could not fit Biology in her schedule freshman year. So this means both Chardie and Brie take Biology, same teacher but different periods. Brie told Chardie she wishes they could have been in the same class so that they could work on projects together. This is where I intervened. I told them that I know their projects would be the best of the best because of how much they put into every part of it... research, proper grammar, neatness... They both agreed and then made a confession. They said that when they do projects with other students they redo a lot of it. Brie says she saves all the work in her thumb drive and offers to print the project out for the group. What she really does is fix everything that was wrong or correct typos. Both girls admitted that if it was up to them that they would do the whole project themselves so they can get an excellent grade. I tell you what, those girls amaze and inspire me. They care so much about their school work and strive to be the best. Makes me proud. Makes me want to do even better. Most people think I am nuts for driving the kids to school and picking them up since the bus stop is right in front of our house. It costs me a small fortune in gas each week. I don't care. What I get out of our morning conversations in the car is priceless!
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May 11, 2011

It's always the little things that matter

Today was a full day for me. I drove kids all over the place, ran errands, picked kids up, took one to the doctor, potty training and teaching boy, dropped girls to practice and then picked them up~ Well it was something like that. I know I must drive about $10-$12 worth of gas each day. It's worth it though. I love the time I spend in the car with the kids. We talk about serious issues, crack jokes and talk about the most random things! The highlight of my hectic day today was when William thanked me for each meal I gave him. Then he thanked me for teaching him his school lessons. He is so compassionate (all 3 of my kids are). I am a proud momma. **Now back to cleaning up the 50 million toys he left all over the place and the mountain of laundry that is stalking me**
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Feb 3, 2011

Why I love the carpool line

Most people think I am insane because I get in the school carpool pick-up line really early. I actually have gotten a lot better because I used to always be first (by at least 10-15 minutes). Yep, I was the lady people talked about saying that I had no life. I have evolved and now I end up being 5th or so. I sit for about 30-40 minutes at the middle school and another 30 at the high school. Sitting in the car is so nice. It's my quiet time. The little one only goes with me on the first pick-up and stays home with middle sister while I go pick up the older one. Even while William is with me he behaves very nicely in the car. The fact that he is secured into his car seat means no running, climbing or destroying. He just sits quietly and enjoys playing with his toys, reading his book or listening to his Yo Gabba Gabba CD.

This is usually my time to think. I bring a notebook and pen to jot down ideas for blog posts as well as write to-do lists or reminders. Some days I get so behind (more like procrastinate) on clipping and filing coupons so I bring this little basket with all I need to get the job done. I feel like carpool time is my creative time. You would be amazed by the brilliant brainstorming I do. When I am feeling too lazy to do anything productive I will sometimes Facebook, Tweet, text or make a phone call to pass the time. I don't know about anyone else but I just love the carpool line :)
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Apr 15, 2010

Carpool no-no's

There are some very inconsiderate people in this world and they show just how rude they can be in the carpool line at school. Here is a list of some no-no's when in the carpool line.
  • Do not do your child's hair in the car. Seriously, there was someone in front of me doing that (hair grease and all) holding up the flow of traffic.
  • If there are orange cones set up so cars do not go that way then please, DO NOT GO THAT WAY!
  • Carpool is social hour for some parents. Please talk to each other. We don't want to hear your whining from 20 feet away. If you are talking from car to car, be mindful of the traffic behind you.
  • If you talk on your cellphone, please use your "inside voice" in your vehicle.
  • Please refrain from smoking in line. Not everyone enjoys second-hand smoke.
  • Please DO NOT cut in line. Not cool at all.
  • Park in designated parking spaces and stop being a lazy ass and wait in line like all the other parent do.
By all means, if you have anything to add, GO FOR IT!
Shelly, Mom Files
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