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Today was a full day for me. I drove kids all over the place, ran errands, picked kids up, took one to the doctor, potty training and teaching boy, dropped girls to practice and then picked them up~ Well it was something like that. I know I must drive about $10-$12 worth of gas each day. It's worth it though. I love the time I spend in the car with the kids. We talk about serious issues, crack jokes and talk about the most random things! The highlight of my hectic day today was when William thanked me for each meal I gave him. Then he thanked me for teaching him his school lessons. He is so compassionate (all 3 of my kids are). I am a proud momma. **Now back to cleaning up the 50 million toys he left all over the place and the mountain of laundry that is stalking me**
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  1. Awww... this is so sweet! It is so great when you can sit back and see how great your kids are turning out... LOVE IT!

  2. William is so sweet - I love that he has such great manners now. That's not something you can just "decide" to abruptly teach when they're age 10. It starts from young!


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