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Apr 15, 2010

Carpool no-no's

There are some very inconsiderate people in this world and they show just how rude they can be in the carpool line at school. Here is a list of some no-no's when in the carpool line.
  • Do not do your child's hair in the car. Seriously, there was someone in front of me doing that (hair grease and all) holding up the flow of traffic.
  • If there are orange cones set up so cars do not go that way then please, DO NOT GO THAT WAY!
  • Carpool is social hour for some parents. Please talk to each other. We don't want to hear your whining from 20 feet away. If you are talking from car to car, be mindful of the traffic behind you.
  • If you talk on your cellphone, please use your "inside voice" in your vehicle.
  • Please refrain from smoking in line. Not everyone enjoys second-hand smoke.
  • Please DO NOT cut in line. Not cool at all.
  • Park in designated parking spaces and stop being a lazy ass and wait in line like all the other parent do.
By all means, if you have anything to add, GO FOR IT!
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. The cutting in line really bothers me.

    At the school my children attend, the parents have to stay in their cars until we reach the driveway of the school, and then the teacher opens the door to let each kid get in. Sometimes, the wait is rather long. Some parents will park (which we're not suppose to) and get out of their cars, and walk to the driveway and get their child. And usually it's the same offenders each time.

    It's really not fair to those of us who wait patiently each day.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. I'm with you on the "no cutting in line." I actually had a woman to honk at me, so she wouldn't sideswipe me as I began to move & she cut me off!

    I have witnessed some VERY rude behavior in carpool line, and sometimes it's hard not to react in a way that's equally rude. Of course that would lead to us being on the 5 o'clock news, so I just take a deep breath and complain on Twitter. LOL

  3. When Marty was still at the middle school, the carpool lane reminded me of Frogger. As soon as their kid got in the car, parents would pull out of line and go zipping out on the inside lane with no regard and no checking to see if they were actually clear. It seriously felt like you were dodging cars like you do in Frogger.

  4. hahahahaha @ If there are orange cones set up so cars do not go that way then please, DO NOT GO THAT WAY! I too have witnessed this before.

    Not cool at all.

    I would like to add - parents should make sure their kids have on their shoes before they leave the house.

  5. Don't go around vehicles. It could be dangerous. Let your kids out of the vehicle on the pasenger. Safety first

  6. Man I don't even know where to begin.... Even though I get very angry when parents don't follow the rules Chris is the one who won't let the cutting slide...If he is in the line and certain folks cut he will drive up beside them, cut them off with the big truck and take his time.

    I am so guilty of doing this too so I'm not even sure why I'm trying to put the blame on Chris. When I'm in that truck I have more "balls".

    I complain about a carpool lane experience everyday to Chris. He just shakes his head and tells me "I know I know...that's why you need to do like me and don't let them pass"

    I want to hijack your comment section and vent because reading this post got me all worked up but I won't. I will shut up now.

  7. ive never been cut in front of, but i would go ballistic if it did happen.

    my wife got flipped off when she chose to not cut someone else off...

  8. I had a problem with parents almost hitting my kid has she crossed the street to get to school. SMH.

  9. Hair grease in the carpool lane. HILARIOUS. That is just CRAZY! WOW. LOL


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