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Getting rid of stuff, maybe

I was perusing through the baby aisle today and was checking out all the neat gadgets and cool things they make for babies/toddlers today. There is something for everything, it's really amazing. I was looking at a few things that I have/had for William that technically we could have easily lived wipes warmer, bottle warmer with cooler attached, infant swing, crib toys and the list goes on. Funny thing is we barely even used that stuff or used them for a very short time! I am considering doing the EBay thing as I have seen a lot of parents do. I guess the idea of all the time it will take to gather, inventory, photograph and list it all makes me not want to do it. I have a whole storage closet under the stairs downstairs filled with baby stuff. Why do I keep it?? I feel like I am not quite ready to part with certain things.

**on another note...I wanted to welcome Tanyetta back to the blog world!


  1. I totally understand. I too have a loads of baby things packed up waiting for what I don't know. You never know right? :-) Do craigslist in your area then you won't have to deal with a bunch of photos and fees.

  2. Before we moved I donated everything [gadgets, furniture, toys, and clothes], but if I could do it over I might have sold some or all, using Craigslist.

    I do recall selling my daughter's crib on eBay after the move and got a good deal.

  3. You should do it, I sell Jaimen's old clothes to Kid 2 Kid. The stuff they don't buy goes to foster children. I am also checking out this new thing I heard of everything is used and free, you list your stuff and people can pick it up for free, that is if you are willing to give it away, or you can find crap you might think you need for free :)


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