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5 Skills to Teach Your Teen or Young Adult Before They Move Out

It’s hard to believe time really does move so quickly. When your teen or young adult is ready to move out of your home, they must be prepared. Here are five skills that you need to teach them before they leave the nest. 

1. Manage Their Healthcare

For most of your child’s life, you have been the one to bring them to the doctor and take care of them when they were ill. This is now their responsibility, and it can be overwhelming.  Educate them about what medications are available over the counter for headaches, allergies, colds and other common ailments. It’s also necessary to help them establish a new doctor and dentist if they move away from the local area. Issues such as proper nutrition, avoiding drugs and preventing unplanned pregnancy Des Plaines, IL are essential lessons to teach. 

2. Know Basic Home Maintenance Tasks

It’s common for teens to have the responsibility of keeping their room clean or contributing to chores, but do they have the knowledge to keep a home functioning? Such tasks as plunging a toilet, changing the HVAC filter, running the dishwasher and unclog a drain are vital skills to have. Most of these skills are very basic, but it sets them up to be more independent from the start. 

3. Maintain a Budget

Now that your young adult has their own bills to pay make sure they know how to spend and save wisely. It’s very easy to overspend when there isn’t a budget to follow. Show them how to plan ahead for their bills, so they know how much spending money they have for extra activities. It’s a good idea to demonstrate how to create a spreadsheet, use a ledger or banking apps to establish a long-term routine. Learning early on in life about proper spending habits sets them up for better financial security. 

4. Cook a Meal

At some point, your teen will realize they want to eat more than cereal and sandwiches. Teaching them basic cooking skills gives them a wider variety of meals and allows them access to healthier food choices. This is also a good time to teach kitchen safety and how to use essential tools and appliances. 

5. Take Care of Their Car

Knowing how to check the oil, fill the gas tank, and check tire pressure are basic maintenance tasks a young adult should know how to do. But what happens if there is a larger problem, or they’ve had an accident? There are scenarios you teen probably hasn’t experienced before, so knowing what to do before it happens makes sure they know how to respond properly if it does Make sure they know how to contact the police, exchange insurance information, take pictures of the damage and follow up with insurance after an accident. If their car needs repair talk to them about how to find a repair shop and get an accurate price quote. 

Having your child move out is an adventure for everyone. Knowing these skills helps your teen or young adult be more prepared to live on their own.

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