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4 Steps to Create a Logo

Designing a logo can be a stressful matter for business owners. It can seem difficult to create a logo that captures everything about your business that you want it to, while also looking great and being memorable. In the past, firms had to hire outside help from expensive designers for logos, but now you can design it with a logo maker. Designing a logo has never been more easy, fun, and cost-effective! 

Learn the 4 steps to create a logo below. 

1. Choose the Look & Feel

First, you'll be given a list of different design examples of logos that display a look and feel. Some of these feels include active, fresh, sleek, fun, and retro with an accompanying example logo. You can pick up to three in this stage, which allows the logo maker to get an idea of the styles you prefer. 

2. Pick a Template

Next, a few logo templates will appear on the screen. These serve as a general outline of the format of your logo. Some options here will have an image on top with text on the bottom, text on either side of an image, or text within an image or shape. Most options are simple and straightforward, as any good logo should be, but you can change around nearly any aspect of these templates in the following step.  

3. Personalize Your Logo

This is where the real fun begins! During this stage, you can take the logo that the logo maker has made for you using your preferences, and tweak it further to get exactly what you are looking for. Play around with the colors, shapes, clipart, text, and more to your heart's content. 

Some people find it helpful to create a couple of different logos during this stage to get feedback from colleagues, employees, or friends and family members. Think about what kinds of products this logo might show up on, whether it's company clothing, business cards, mugs, or on social media. This can help you further narrow down the details of your prospective logo. 

4. Download Your New Logo

Once you have hammered out the details of your logo, it's ready to download! When downloading your logo, you will be given two logo files. One will have a solid background, and the other will have a transparent background, making it easy to put one or the other on whatever you need. 

From here, you can use your logo on your brand's social media pages or website, or you can put it on customized merchandise to sell to your fans! 

Designing a Logo Just Got Easier

The logo maker software is straightforward and intuitive, and anyone can make an eye-catching, professional logo in a matter of minutes. Some people prefer to stay closer to the templates the logo maker recommends, and others like to take their time and let their creative juices flow. 

Either way, you can relax while knowing that logo design no longer has to be a stressful, expensive endeavor.


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