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Color is Key When Picking Doors

Door color completely alters the atmosphere of a home. Internal glazed doors will outlive even most the durable and long lasting of interior design trends. Color needs to be carefully considered when choosing doors. Doors can be painted in the future, but it is often more hassle than it is worth. 

Set the Mood

The internal doors are going to outlive the paint or wallpaper. Color comes down to more than personal tastes. Colors can calm or excite. A home is a place to relax, but it is also a place to entertain. 

Colors on the cool spectrum, such as blues and purples relax. Warm colors, such as reds and oranges, excite. 

Neutral colors impact the overall mood of the home too. Sleek blacks and greys are very modern, but can lead to small and dark spaces feeling oppressive and claustrophobic. Whites stand out against any interior but can help open space. 

Natural Wood

Natural wood finishes remain a popular choice. Doors see many interior design fads before they need replacement. Natural wood will match most of these. Darker and lighter woods are available, plus there’s dark or light stains. A lighter wood isn’t going to stand out in the same way as a brilliant white door. 


Glazing adds another layer of options to pick from. Even the smallest and darkest of spaces can have dark with the right amount of glazing. Internal glazed doors allow natural sunlight to travel from room to room, further changing the atmosphere. Sunlight is a mood booster that works with both relaxing and entertaining. 

Unfinished Doors
If you have the space and the patience, unfinished doors are a consideration. The advantage of unfinished doors is you can have them any color you want. The disadvantage is you have to paint them yourself or have the additional expense of hiring someone to do it for you. 

Unfinished doors cannot simply be hung up. They need to be painted first. They need to be laid flat to paint, otherwise the paint drips. Painting doors is very consuming in both time and space. 

Painting doors yourself means you can tone down brilliant whites by adding a barely-there touch of blue, pink or magnolia. They would need to be entirely stripped down and repainted if brilliant white walls ever come back into fashion. Something even a little off-white looks dirty when up against brilliant white walls. 

Door color goes beyond tastes. Colors impact moods. A high anxiety household will want to stick to cooler colors. Colors affect the overall atmosphere of a home. An oppressive atmosphere can be altered by the use of color. Internal doors are going to see more than one interior change. Buying doors to match the current interior is going to be wildly inappropriate a few years down the line when styles change. The lightest house becomes oppressive when out-dated. Internal doors are one of the simplest ways to change a home’s energy, but the color needs to be carefully considered. 

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