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How Hard Water Can Affect Your Child’s Skin?

People often don’t realize the impact of water on their skin. The experience you have after bathing depends a lot upon the kind of water your tank consists of. Your tank could either consist of hard water or soft water. If you feel like when you come out of the shower, your skin feels itchy and irritated than it could be a sign that your water maybe hard. Now the skin of adults is more hardy and resistant to different kinds of water, however, you should carefully consider the kind of water you bathe your adolescent with.

What hard water does to your skin is that it leaves it scummy since hard water doesn’t easily form leather with soap. This could also lead to clogged pores which in turn cause pimples and acne. But that’s not all, people who use hard water find that their skin is usually itchy and dry and they use lotions and creams to moisturize their skin. This also leads to eczema.

While, studies have shown that water which consists of minerals that makes it hard isn’t necessarily bad for your health, there are a few evidences which show that hard water could lead to eczema in little children.

The study was conducted by researchers who made a connection between hard water and eczema. They determined that children who were exposed to hard water had an 87% higher chance of developing this condition.

How to deal with hard water

Places where ground water is used are usually more likely to get hard water because the water passes through stones and rocks and it picks up minerals like calcium. There are regions where there is high tendency of hard water as opposed to other regions.

There are a few tips and tricks through which you can combat this problem. So for example if you are bathing your infant then you can use a soap which produces leather and is made specifically for hard water in order to prevent eczema. For laundry and doing the dishes you can use detergents and liquids which are formulated to be used with hard water.

You can also install a water softener system in your home if you are really concerned about your child’s health. The initial years of a child’s development are always crucial so feel free to look for water softener options and install the one which seems to work for you. We found some great choices online at Ukh2o.

One of the best reasons why it is important to have clean water apart from saving your infant from eczema is that it is generally better to clean with soft water. You will be able to clean up your dishes and clothes with way less detergent and soap. And soft water is better for your skin as well. With hard water you end up using a lot of soap which actually isn’t good for your skin and ends up making the problem bigger than it is.

Making your water soft is not a solution for any kind of skin disease or chronic condition. But, it is definitely a wise step in order to avoid irritation and dryness of skin and getting rid of certain health problems.

There have been a large number of researches determining the effect of hard water on skin and how it causes conditions like eczema. Hard water is something that researchers claim affects 20% of kids 11 and under, as well as 8% of teenagers and adults.

How to figure out whether your tap consists of hard water

Water residue around the sink and soap scum is one of the signs of hard water. If you wash your dishes and you seem to think that they can never get clean enough than that may be a sign of hard water. Apart from that if you always seem to need more soap whether you are bathing, doing the dishes or washing clothes then that is also one of the signs.

If you can’t figure out for yourself whether your tap consists of hard water or not then you can take this inquiry to your water utility company and they should be able to tell you whether that’s the truth or not.


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