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Mom Files Is 10 Years Old

I seriously can't believe that 10 years ago, my husband bought the domain, He is actually the one who believed that it was going to become something very special. He pushed encouraged me to start this blog although I really didn't want to. No lie, I did not believe him. Who would bother to read my blog? Where would I even find readers? I decided to humor him and figured I'd try this whole blog thing and see what happens. This came with very little expectation of any kind. I was simply doing it as a online journal and a place to connect with like-minded people.

Fast forward ten years... I had no idea that blogging would bring so much added value to my life, and I'm not talking about income. It has connected me with so many great people all over the country. Crafters, home cooks, interior designers, tech specialists, artists, writers, and regular every day folks. I have bonded and become really good friends with some truly amazing people. Some communicate with me regularly via text, phone, and social media. If I'm going through something and need someone to talk to, I'm covered. I really needed that. I think being a stay-at-home mom for so long makes me feel lonely sometimes. My blog friends seem to fill that void and I don't even have to leave home (score!).

I have really enjoyed engaging with my readers and it brings me joy when I get the occasional comment from those I started out with. I hear a lot of other bloggers ask the question, "Does anyone actually read blogs anymore?" I say, yes! It makes me so happy when someone tells me that they searched my blog for a particular recipe or they bought something based off of a past review I did. I appreciate the trust that is shown.

One of the greatest things about this blog is the fact that I have 10 years of family memories. I've shared so many milestones, experiences, funny videos (remember Vent Day?), heartfelt thoughts, reviews, birthdays, disappointments, and even some very random things. I have always felt like you all celebrated with us, cheered for us, cried for us, or just simply listened.

I truly appreciate all of my readers and social media connections. You are the reason I'm still here. I go through my times of wanting to scrap everything and shut down shop. Then someone will message me and tell me they loved something I posted recently that really helped them at the time they needed it most. I'm always very happy to help anyone that I can.

I want to say, thank you! Thank you all for connecting with me. I genuinely feel like some of the best people I've ever known are those I've never even met in real life.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Happy 10 Year Anniversary! I am so glad to find and follow Your blog! I really enjoy reading it, too :)

    Fiona N

  2. Congrats on your continued success - Happy Anniversary!

  3. Congrats on ten years!

  4. Sheila, I'm so glad you're still here! Huge congratulations and continued success.

  5. Christy Simmons2/03/2017 10:25 PM

    Congratulations Shelley! Great and blessed milestone reached and accomplished through an awesome person.


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