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Feb 1, 2017

Are Aquarium Fish Good Pets For Kids?

Plenty of studies have shown the positive impacts of having pets for your children. Not only does having pets provide health related benefits but they also provide them with a great learning experience. Children with pets are said to be more kind, loving and tend to become more responsible. These are some of the reasons in getting a pet for your kids.

But often times due to several reasons (like allergies) parents don’t get a feline or a canine creature for their kids. So what other options are available for these parents? If your kid hasn’t owned a pet before, then fish would be a good option to consider.

Fish can prove to be amazing pets if taken care of properly. However, without careful consideration, you could end up with the wrong fish for your kids.

Albeit, keeping fish as a pet will instill responsibility and ownership in your kids, not every species of fish is meant to be kept as a pet by kids.

Quite a lot of breeds require way more attention and commitment than others. Knowing which fish would be ideal for your kid is the building block in the process of being able to provide your kid with the perfect pet fish.

Once you have decided on letting your children keep fish as pets, you need to prepare your aquarium for them so that the fish have a safe and secure enclosure.
Initially, regardless of what tank you think of purchasing, you’ll need to be patient. Prior to adding fish to your aquarium, you’ll ideally need to wait for around two weeks. This is because the filter needs to produce the healthy bacteria that will aid in removing the fish waste. If the fish tank’s not ready, the fish can die from ammonia poisoning.

You should discuss the importance of keeping the water tank clean with your kids. To make them responsible you can also ask them to clean the water tank themselves. However, if the aquarium is situated in a location which is not easily accessible for your children then its probably best you do it yourself. However, if it is easy to get to and your floor won’t be ruined by a few splashes then let your children take care of it.

Also make sure that you keep your kids well informed on the dangers of overfeeding the fish. This could also cause the ammonia levels to rise which could cause your fish to perish. You can also come up with a chart which has details of what every person in the family is responsible for and put it on the fridge.

The kind of fish you should get for your children can vary, as discussed before, it’d be best if you get a low maintenance fish for your children. But you should also make sure to get a strong and healthy breed of fish which can survive harsher conditions in its enclosure, because if it dies your children could get really upset.

Think about getting a few fish instead of just one. It is always fun to have a tank with plenty of fish to look at and your children will also have a good time watching them swim around. However, make sure that the aquarium is big enough to provide enough room for a few fish in lieu of just one. You should also consider getting colorful fish to keep your children attention. Unlike adults, kids don’t understand logic quite as well; they get attracted to whatever is aesthetically pleasing. Therefore you should get them the kind of fish they would appreciate the presence of instead of just giving them something they wouldn’t know the importance of.

Platys are a good option to look at because in addition to being hardy they are also compatible with other fish which makes them a suitable option for your aquarium.
Apart from Platys, Swordtails are also a good option to consider. They are colorful, hardy and also very playful which makes them a lot of fun to watch.

It is probably best to get your children involved right from the start, from when you get the aquarium so that they feel the ownership of it and become responsible. Tell them about how everything works and what the benefits of doing some things are.


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