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Fun in the Sun in Malta

When we think of Malta, we probably think of history and the St Georges Cross but there’s so much more to this beautiful country. Holidays in Malta can be fun, fascinating and exhilarating for all the family.

The most popular resorts are to the north of Malta, the three fantastic beaches are Mellieħa Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa and Golden Bay, and each offer some fantastic water-sports as well as cafes and snack bars along the shores. Some smaller beaches can be discovered off the beaten track, many are rocky but are well worth visiting for a quieter dip or to discover little rock pools and secluded bays. A must visit is Camino’s Blue Lagoon which can be reached by boat, where azure blue waters and glistening sands can be found - this is a great spot for snorkeling and exploring hidden coves.

With its rich history dating back thousands of years, Malta has a wealth of historical landmarks to explore. The whole family will enjoy visiting museums and learning about the roman ruins and prehistoric temples. Colourful displays and re-enactments are often shown where you can travel back in time, seeing knights in costume come to life with their swords, muskets and canons. It's not to be missed!

Throughout the year Malta comes to life with its many cultural and music festivals. Festival Meditterania is a huge event held on Malta’s neighbouring island of Gozo, which can easily be reached by boat. The island comes to life dominated by music and dancing but also holding educational events, offering the chance to explore historic places on the island and celebrate the culture. Malta’s International Fireworks festival is a spectacular event and a breath-taking experience for the whole family. Held at the end of April, the event takes place over the harbour and commemorates Malta's accession into the European Union that took place on 1st May 2004.

Other popular festivals include the Malta Arts Festival and the Malta Jazz Festival. The fiesta season in Malta is made up of a long series of extended weekends, starting from the end of May right through the entire summer and well into September. During this period villages and towns celebrate the Patron Saints of their churches by feasting over weekends and partying Maltese style!

Families will love the wide range of activities and exhibitions which can be enjoyed, ranging from arts and crafts and museums to horse riding and rock climbing. There really is something for everyone on offer here.

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