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Have you tried the new Cool Whip Frosting yet? #coolwhip

Did you know that Cool Whip now makes frosting? I was thrilled when I first heard about it on the Facebook page and couldn't wait to try it! Lucky for me, my friends from Kraft Foods sent some in all three flavors-- Chocolate, Vanilla and Cream Cheese.
So far, we have tried the cream cheese variety on triple chocolate cupcakes, with sprinkles. We all loved it! It had a nice cream cheese flavor and had that amazing "whipped" texture you can only get from Cool Whip. 
Next up, vanilla on red velvet cupcakes. I know you are thinking, "why didn't you use the cream cheese on the red velvet and the vanilla on the chocolate?" Eh, I figured why not! We all preferred the vanilla flavor over the cream cheese and have yet to try the chocolate. I anticipate that will be very soon since there are two teenage girls that reside in our home bugging me half to death requesting we try it asap!
I am thinking about making a white cake with the chocolate variety and possibly a carrot cake for the cream cheese flavor. If you love Cool Whip, you will really love the new frosting! It is so easy to use and it is delicious!

Have you tried the new Cool Whip Frosting yet?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. not yet, how do you get the frosting to look so pretty

    1. Hi Karen!

      I use a disposable icing bag with a large star tip. I start to swirl from the outer edges toward the center. I guess I should have stated how I chose to frost my cupcakes :-)

  2. I have tried cool whip frosting. I really like it. It feels lighter than other frosting and is less sweet to me, but that kinda defeats the purpose of a cupcake, I suppose. LOL.

  3. Oh I know I have not seen this in Canada yet! I'm thinking when I go to Florida in the new year I might have to do some baking! Looks delish!

  4. Oh my! I had no clue these existed. I will try them. Do I need to have a cupcake to do that? LOL


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