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Mommy anxiety, do you have it?

For weeks now I have been starting posts and then hitting "backspace" and deleting everything I wrote. Anxiety takes over and I walk away from the computer. Is what I am about to write going to offend anyone? Is it interesting or thought provoking? Countless thoughts go through my head and I have to sit down and take a few deep breaths. I start thinking about everything... Am I doing enough with training William to become more independent? Am I giving the girls enough of myself to help them be better women? Am I a good enough wife? What do I cook today? Why have I stopped using coupons? I don't call people often enough. Why am I avoiding certain things? The grass needs to be cut and the house needs repairs. Why on earth am I feeling like backspacing this whole post? Where is all this stupid anxiety coming from anyway? Please pardon how poorly and very randomly written this post is. Maybe I just think too much! My brain needs a vacation :)

Do you suffer from anxiety? What tips can you share?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. OMG Shelly - I suffer from anxiety big time. Postpartum anxiety to be exact. It was bad - to the point where I didn't want to leave the house or walk down the stairs lest something happen to me and I end up in the hospital or worse and away from my girls. In addition to that I have anxiety about the same things you do! So you are not alone. What works for me? I'm still working on that part. ;)

  2. it happens, to the best of us. sometimes you just need an encouraging word; sometimes you're juggling alot and you can't stop the plates from falling; and sometimes the devil is trying to get a foothold.
    Dont give in to the anxiety - come apart and rest awhile, so that you have clarity in dealing with your situations.

  3. I totally suffer from it to the point where I actually have to take medication for it. Don't feel bad it happens. I've just learned I do the best I can you are good mom and most people don't go to the lengths you do. You are actually my mom hero wish I had the energy to do all you do :)

  4. Of course! i've learned to take some time and calm out. It usually happens to me when I have to much on my plate to do. I think many mom worry about being good parents and wives. Deep breathe. If you want talk to your kids and hubby about your concerns. Might surprise how awesome they think you are. Remember deep breathe!

  5. I totally do. With personal blogs it's so hard sometimes to find that balance between blogging in a genuine, authentic, heartfelt way.... and offending someone over something said innocently. I always try (well, "tried" since i dont really update over at prissymommy) anymore to be as "real" as i could be... but sometimes i got burned by being too honest (ie, the "Nanny Woes" post, lol) and that would kind of make me hesitant to reveal too much. Then I'd go into my shell for a bit and blog superficially, but of course find that it's not as rewarding or fulfilling. So yeah, i guess it's all about finding that balance. But yes, i can totally relate to pressing the delete/back button! Sometimes it never comes out sounding quite right, so i have to try again until i really present it the way that im feeling it.

  6. I stop writing, period, lol. There's so much I want to talk about, some are in drafts until I feel like finishing and publishing. In one post in drafts, I say "shit" and offer no apologizes. I actually sat there trying to sugar coat it, come up with another term for it and was like EFF it, I say what I mean! I usually blog best when my household duties are in order. I usually go into hiding if I'm tending to those things or if I'm just feeling craptacular. I don't have blogger's anxiety, but performance/social anxiety, so I've been avoiding people all together. It sucks, but I'll get over it once I take care of all the things you worry about before writing a post. I'm such an imperfect perfectionist and I hate it!

  7. I have a very, well...outspoken, stubborn, strong willed, going to, might have already made her mommy crazy, 22 month old!! So bad that I went to the Dr. convinced I had bp issues, that of course were going to lead to a heart attack or stroke (I am not a bit anxious, ha!)!!! Anyways, after keeping a bp log it helped me realize that I am fine. During the day I am fine the minute I get home bp elevates and I get shortness of breath and I just have to keep going!! Dinner, playtime, cleaning, laundry, my 7 yr old and all of his activities, you!!! It can be hard...really, really hard, but its my perfect life and I have to deal with the anxiety and just LIVE!! Oh, and a little wine helps! ;) Good luck, girls...we have a tough job being mommies...but it is the most rewarding job too! Can you tell my baby is asleep and I have already forgotten all the screaming and tantrums and was left with all the hugs and smile and kisses? ! LOL!


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