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Mar 21, 2012

William is 4!

Our little guy just had a birthday and he is officially 4 years old! William has hit many milestones in the last year and we are so proud of him.
Some facts about William:

  • He has gotten over his shyness and loves to be around other people! This is great since we are trying to get him prepped for kindergarten next year.  
  • He is a very compassionate boy. If he senses you are in pain he will ask you if you are okay and offer to rub you or kiss it to make it all better. Sweet boy.
  • William shows great discipline. I have to credit having a strong father for that one. It is amazing how well he will listen and pay attention. 
  • I get told all the time what a mature little boy I have. Most people are amazed that he is his age and behaves the way he does. That makes me proud.
  • William wakes up full of joy. He greets you with "good morning" and a lot of times starts the day singing the "good morning song" that his daddy taught him. 
  • William shows how much he retains what you teach him. If you are caught doing something wrong he will be the first one to let you know "That's not a good choice". Trust me, I get told about my bad choices all the time!
  • He loves animals, trucks, robots, all things Disney, fishing, playing outdoors and hanging out with his daddy. Daddy is his favorite person. I have becomes alright with that. Sort of.
  • He is showing so much more independence and I have been working hard on letting him do things for himself. Operation un-spoil the child is progressing well so far. It turns out that he really likes doing things for himself! Again, I credit his father for that. He helps so much with the boy child. 
  • William has become very talkative and asks a lot of questions. I love it! I love helping him learn and understand things. He asks some really good questions too! 
  • William is into Scooby Doo, Phineas & Ferb and programs on Animal Planet/ NatGeo Wild. It is amazing how he really gets into some of these shows. He loves to go down to the man room and watch with his dad. The part I don't like... he puts his hand in the front of his pants like most men do. Gross. Of course his daddy is proud of that! 
Overall William is a vibrant and loving little boy. We are so excited to see all the new things he learns over the next year. We are so proud of him!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Just reading about William is so exciting how he has grown up to be beautiful person inside and out. Whenever I am around William I can see the how much knowledge and he has. I am so proud to be his grandma.

    Love Grandma

  2. What an adorable little sweetie he is! He reminds me a lot of my 4yo. Happy birthday big boy - way to grow!

  3. William sounds like an absolute JOY to be around. How precious! I'm totally going to have to steal the "That's not a good choice" one. HAHA!

    Happy birthday sweet William!

  4. seems like just yesterday you were expecting this little guy. congrats on four years with him- all of your kids are simply wonderful.

  5. Happy Birthday William!!! I cant believe how the time has flown. I look at him in these pictures and he is no longer a baby, but a little boy. I know you all must be so proud of him!!!!


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