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Jan 13, 2012

The boy knows what he likes {Grits update}

I wrote a post about grits the other day and talked about buying instant grits for my boy. Of course I am the queen of homemade so this was a stretch for me. The majority of comments were against instant. Well I'm sorry but I can't cook grits in a matter of minutes when I have a hungry 3 year old.
We went to Walmart and picked up a box of Quaker butter flavor grits. Honestly, William was thrilled that those were especially for him. As a matter of fact, he bragged to other people in the store that he was getting grits. I don't cook them in the way the box tells you though. What I do is boil water and add it slowly while stirring to prevent lumps. I make it a little on the watery side. I then put it in the microwave on medium power for 1 minute, stirring every 20 seconds. In the end I throw a half slice of cheese on top and add a little bit of freshly cracked pepper. After William's first bite he put both hands up to his heart and squealed out loud followed by a BIG "YUMMMMYYY!!" He actually did a grits and cheese dance throughout the time he ate it. After he was finished he asked for another bowl. I think we have a winner here!!
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  1. LOL!!! That sounds good! I also like to stir them in slowly to avoid lumps. I have to try the microwave part.

    I think im gonna make me some grits now, not that you've got me thinking about them.

  2. Grits and cheese dance! LOL! Yes. Definitely a winner.

  3. I love love love grits! Of course I'd prefer them on the stove top, thickened with milk, but I happily grab a pack of instant when time is an issue or when I want to take them to work. Go William!


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