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Dec 13, 2011

A special project I am working on

For about 2 years now I have been compiling a small collection of some of my secret recipes for my children. I have this great plan that I will give the girls a cookbook as part of a graduation present. I have at least 6 recipes typed up and I even have a photo to go with each recipe. I was going to surprise them but I ended up telling them about it. It touched them so deeply and they had teary eyes and were so happy that I was doing this for them. Now the downside is every time I cook something they love, they ask me to add the recipe to the "book". Are they kidding me? I will be up to 100 before you know it! I am just glad to be able to pass along these recipes and hope they will do the same with their children. I really need to focus a little more on this special project since Chardie will graduate in a year and a half. It is very time consuming since my cooking style is so far from using actual recipes. It really takes a lot of thought to make the recipes make sense. My wish for the end result is a full-color, full-sized book made from waterproof photo paper filled with all of the girls favorites...most of all, filled with love ♥

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Wow. That is such a great thing! I love it and I"m so glad they love it too!

    I hope you will finish in time for each graduation. :) Leave back pages to add more later if needed.

    You are such a wonderful mommy

  2. Excellent, EXCELLENT idea, I believe it's one of those gifts to your daughters that will definitely be remembered, valued, and passed along to their daughters.

    A true mommy, indeed.

  3. This is truly an amazing gift. Something I'd love to have myself:) It's wonderful that your girls see the true value in this gift you're giving them.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. I love this idea. With the holidays upon us, I find myself tearing apart the house trying to find some of my grandmother's favorite recipes to make, so I am sure your girls will appreciate such a gift.

  5. This is an incredible gift. I know they'll keep their recipe book forever!

    Our grandmother, who now has Alzheimer's, was THE best cook in our family. Sadly, many of her recipes are gone along with her memory because no one ever really learned to master them. Its a real loss! I am glad you are preserving these special recipes that your girls can now have and continue to pass on from generation to generation!


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