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Here is our high school freshman dressed and ready to start her first day at her new school!
You can't see it but her bands on her braces are in her school and blue.

We attended the freshman parent breakfast and it looks like Brie is going to have an amazing year.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Exciting times!!!! My Freshman starts on the 22nd so I know how excited you must be! My oldest starts his Junior year and I'm preparing myself for getting "real serious" about college research, planning, tours, SATs and scholarship prep! YIKES!

    Good luck to you guys and enjoy it! :)

  2. Awww... LOVE IT! She looks so hip and cool. She and I would have totally hit it off if i were her age! LOL. Cheers to a great year filled with adventures and great lessons! xoxo

  3. *gasp* She looks so mature!! *sigh* I remember when i first started reading you (a while ago) and she looked like such a young girl. Now she's a little lady, all grown 'n stuff. *sniff, sniff* LOL!!! Go Brie! Have a great first day! :-)

  4. Cool! She is going to have an amazing year indeed!


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