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Aug 11, 2011


It has been so hectic around here. I have been all over the place making sure that everyone gets to where they need to be and doing the last minute appointments before school starts back on Monday. Brie starts tomorrow for "Fresh Start" day. It's the day where only the freshman class will be there so that they can get all the basics of their new school. I have been so caught up in getting things done that it hit me... my baby girl is in high school. My. Baby. Girl. :*(

She is so excited and is not nervous at all. I still pass by the middle school every day and get so emotional! We will attend the freshman parent breakfast tomorrow morning. Of course we have been there and done that but you still do it all over again for each of the kids. The girls have been picking out outfits and accessories and of course changing their mind a thousand times! They are both ready for the next chapter in their lives and we can't wait to see what amazing things they do this year. Funny thing, Chardie has been a bit emotional lately. She said that she came to the realization that she is going to be turning 18 next year and she will no longer be a kid. It made her a little sad because she is in no rush to be an adult. I am in no rush for that either! I will post photos of their first day :-)
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  1. I'm having the same reaction to Marty going off to high school. I just can't believe it.

  2. I'm so glad they have Fresh Day. It's nice that they'll have the building to themselves to adjust and get acclimated. Shoot, I wish it was Fresh Week, but I guess that wouldn't be fair for them to start so early, and the others to start so late.

    Aww, I love that Chardie isn't in a rush to become an adult. Good for her!!


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