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School is back in session!

I was up bright and early this morning to take the girls to school. Chardie was the first one off since she has an early bird class. She was ready and very excited to start her junior year.

I came back home and did a few things for about 30 minutes and then I was back in the car going back to the same school to take Brie. I am giving her up to 2 weeks to get acclimated with her new school scene and then she will get dropped off with Chardie. I am not doing all that extra driving if I don't need to!

I leave you with this classic video that parents all over the place are thinking in their heads ;)

Happy Back-to-school!
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. HAHAH! LOVE it! :) The Commercial was hilarious - that's EXACTLY how I'm feeling right now (although we're now going to take my 3 year old out of daycare first of next month and keep her home with me until I find a FT I'm kind of back where I was. LOL)

    I am WITH you on the getting acclimated thing and then dropping both off at the same time - although if it were me, I'd only give it a week. It doesn't make sense to do the drop twice. Waste of time and gas. God bless ya ;)

    Teenage girls! Wow! Are they a handful? I know they are good students but I hear girls get "crazy" in the teens and are harder to manage than boys. My boys really are super easy (the teens, the 5 year old is another story all together. hahah)

    Happy School Year!

  2. I have always loved that commercial. I hope your girls have an incredible school year.

  3. I know she appreciates the two week period to get adjusted! I'm driving my kids to a new school this year, which is 20 miles away! How will I survive this school year.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. Omg!!! lmaooo!! I am cracking up at that commercial!!! Too funny!

    And yes, amen!! @ minimizing all the extra driving. But, as you stated, its fine for in the beginning, as she adjusts and grows comfortable with the new setting. :-)

  5. I love that video! Hilarious. Exactly the way I feel.


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