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Wordless Wednesday

He still holds on to his Carmex no matter what...

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. LOL he is so cute and I love that he is holding Carmex...crusty lips is a no no and he is starting young....gotta love him. : - )

  2. Does he use it on his lips or just like the way the tube feels in his hand? Carmex is one of those things you either love or hate! I hate the smell but love the way it softens my lips LOL

  3. I hear that carmex is pretty good :)

  4. lol, William and his Carmex! Omg, he is gonna look back on all these pictures and have a good laugh, when he is older!

  5. Cracking me up! Does he use it OR he just likes to hold and carry it around? LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!


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