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Brainetics Review

I recently received Mike Byster's Brainetics Complete Set for review. My husband actually had his eye on it for a while and really wanted to order it. He is big on anything that has to do with brain power. My 14 year old daughter Briahnna was immediately intrigued by this system and volunteered to test it out.
Here is what Briahnna had to say:

It was easy to use because the playbook went right along with the DVD and the shortcuts and tricks really worked. They made the problems easier. I can totally see this helping make math a bit easier at school. I completed the first workbook that was a bit random but as long as you followed the directions you could figure it out. I think the 9-99 age range that it recommends on the box is correct. I think I prefer to do this by myself but the instructions says you can do it with other people. I can't even figure out how the person who created this system came up with it! It's pretty cool and I would recommend this for other people.

For more information on how this system works or to purchase Brainetics, check out the website here.

I received a Brainetics system for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine as always.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. We got this for our older two as part of our curriculum. They really enjoy it. I second Briahnna's recommendation!

  2. Nice review

    I was wondering if you could share us your experiences with Brainetics by Mike Byster on our site to share with our readers.

    We are trying to find as many "real" reviews from people to better inform buyers on whether it is good buy or not.

    You can write a comment/review here: Brainetics by Mike Byster



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