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Jan 23, 2011

Stuffed chicken breast recipe

I am posting this recipe per Tanyetta's request. I don't generally cook anything with by an organized recipe, I just sort of add stuff and see what happens. I purchased 3 pounds of bone-in and skin-on chicken breast on sale for 89 cents a pound. I don't really like chicken breast all that much but it was such a great deal that I decided to pick up a pack anyway. What I did was debone the chicken breast but leave the skin on. Next I took a sharp knife and butterflied the breast being certain not to cut all the way through. You should be able to open the breast and lay it out flat. I seasoned the chicken lightly with my favorite spices on the inside but only with a little cracked pepper and kosher salt on the outer part (where the skin is). The reason for that is I did not want my spices to burn when I seared my chicken on high heat. Next step was my filling. Although I wanted spinach, garlic, shallots and feta cheese I did not have those ingredients. I did have a half box of seasoned stuffing mix. I prepared it with a little minced onion, garlic and cilantro as well as some chicken stock. I then spread maybe two heaping tablespoons of the stuffing onto the inside of the chicken breast (skin side should be down). I then folded the breast over and stuck a couple toothpicks through the side to securely keep the breast closed. I heated some pure butter and a little canola oil in a large skillet on high heat. You could use olive oil but I don't always care for the flavor of it on everything. Once your oil and butter are really hot you want to place each chicken breast skin side down and sear for about 5-6 minutes until really brown and then flip them over carefully and brown the other side. I finally transferred them onto a baking pan and baked them on 390 degrees for about 15 minutes to finish the cooking process. I served them up with mashed potatoes and steamed green beans. I was not sure if my family would like it but they all asked me the same question: "When are you making this again?!" It was a thumbs up from my crew. The entire meal cost me about $7.50. Not bad for a frugal dinner huh?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! :-) I am seriously going to make this. You took out time just for me. Awwwwwwwww you love me!!!

  2. Thanks to Tanyetta for asking and you for sharing! I can not wait to give this a try!

  3. Yum yum yum!! I shall be making this in the future. My hubs won't eat the stuffing, but I love your original filing idea with the spinach.


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