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Jan 3, 2011

The last jacket this child will ever get

Back in early November Dwayne and I ordered a Letterman's jacket for Chardie since she has expressed numerous times that she really wanted one. She has already lettered twice so we finally broke down and let her get it. As we made the order and picked out the patches, I asked the salesperson what the turnaround time was. He said roughly 6-8 weeks since it was the holidays time. He said that it would be closer to 8 weeks. You should have seen the look on my child's face. I think she was thinking more like 1 week. So for 7 weeks I had to listen to her complain and whine about how her jacket was taking forever. With all I went through having to listen to an impatient teenager I told her that this would be the last jacket she would get for the rest of her high school career. I also informed her that she better wear it all the time since we spent $200 on it. You see, my child is one of those girls that will love something and finally have it and decide that it is not quite her style.

Well the jacket came in on New Year's eve and she has almost not taken it off since then! She is so happy with it. We ordered a size small short since she is a little munchkin. She could not wait to go to school today to show it off. After all, she will be the only girl at her school that has one.

She loves the HUGE volleyball patch with her number on it. It is way bigger than we were expecting actually.
She wanted the embroidered letters for the back instead of the chenille. She is my classic baby.

Of course she has her full first name. She goes by "Char" at school but I think she wanted her full formal name since she is once again my classic baby. I am glad she finally got it so I don't have to hear about it anymore. Oh the things you do for your kids....

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Glad she is enjoying her jacket! She looks great in it! That got me to thinking - WHERE did I put mine??? Hahah Kind of got lost after high school...

    I also hear you about nagging teens; we bought my 13 yo a pocket rocket for Christmas and he bugged me first about when it was coming in (said it was taking too, it only took three days!) and then finally when it did, unfortunately the ignition switch was cracked NOW he's bugging me about when it will be fixed :( Kids.

  2. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! I love the jacket! :-) She looks so HAPPY!!! You are the BEST mom!!!

  3. Wow. That is an awesome jacket! I can see why she loves it!

  4. Awesome jacket! I think I still have my coat in my closet.

  5. lol, that's a great story! the jacket looks AWESOME on chardie - well worth the wait! :-) Im so glad she is enjoying it!

  6. Awesome. I always wished I had a school jacket - I have tons of letters and patches for it. Congrats Chardie!


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