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Jan 1, 2011

In "the lab" with dad

Please excuse the low quality photo but I just had to snap this one. You see Dwayne has a mini studio set up downstairs in his man room and William has been watching his daddy closely. It is not unusual to see Will talking into his Carmex tube or anything else that he can use as a pretend microphone. He saw his dad practicing a speech and Will said to Dwayne "Arriba!" and he goes straight for the mic and chats away. It is so funny when you play his voice back on the computer. His face lights up at the sound of his own voice.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. How's so sweet that he wants to be just like Dwayne.

  2. lol that is so cute!!!! i love how william does everything daddy does and wants to be just like him!

  3. How cute. Reminds me of my daughter. Whenever my hubby takes out the mic, she's ready. She walks around the house singig his songs & making the sounds of his beats with her mouth. so funny.


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