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Nov 29, 2010

I'm allergic to clutter

I spent the weekend getting rid of things. I have been pushing things around here and there and finally got sick of it. I packed up my car trunk and parted with a whole lot of stuff. My kids had a HUGE zipper bag (the kind you get a king-sized comforter set in) filled with Christmas related stuffed animals. Now don't get me wrong, so many of them were so adorable and filled with memories but realistically I'm no hoarder. I keep a few things as memories but I donate most things. When you open up a bag of things that make you sneeze then you know it is time to let it go. It feels so good to see spaces open up and it truly feels like we are moving forward. Now I did come across 3 bags of baby clothes but I still have to sort through it. I had no problem getting rid of the 1 year and older stuff. There is just something so special about the baby stuff. I still believe in the "less is more" mentality.
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  1. Make a quilt out of the baby clothes. Then you don't have to get rid of it.

  2. I love Kristin's idea (of making a quilt out of the baby clothes). I think I may do something like that, with some of my favorite baby outfits along with a few of my favorite maternity dresses.... what a great way to preserve special memories.

    Uugh, I can't stand clutter either - although I've got too much of it now around me. When the holidays are over, I swear that's my plan (to declutter my house and my life).


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