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My husband is just not right

Today was the most wonderful day of the year...Black Friday. I was so well prepared for this shopping extravaganza that everything was ironed, set out, alarm set, packed up and organized the night before. I took the bag that is pictured as my "purse" because it is super lightweight, compact and I could wear it on my back so my hands could be free to shop. When Dwayne saw me bring out my little cinch sac he said it looked like a shoplifter bag. WTH?? Wow, just when I thought I heard it all...The man said it looked like I was going to go out to steal. The girls told me it was a smart move and that it looked fine. Although Dwayne still did not care for me using it I did so anyway. I was at my final destination and we were waiting in line to pay. I asked Dwayne to grab a small toy train for William and he hands it to me. I had my shopping bag in my shoulder and my cinch sac slung around my arm so I could grab my shopping discount pass and wallet. I accidentally put the train in the wrong bag for a split second and your boy tried to bring me out in the store. He told me I was trying to lift the toy train. What a jerk! We laughed so hard and then headed to Chick-fil-A for some breakfast. Oh the adventures of Shelly and Dwayne are always so interesting....

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. That is too funny! Shelly Ismail, the toy train lifter! HAHA!!!

  2. Bwahahahaha...that is too funny!

  3. oh i've done that before LOL

  4. LMAOO!!! I am cracking up at that story, from the "shoplifter bag" to the train ending up in that bag for a split second. Hahahaha!!! You guys crack me up! :-D

  5. tooooo funny!!!!! yeah, that's a cool bag! *wink, wink* :_)


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