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When the neighbors give you eggplant....

You make Eggplant Parmesan!

It was easy and complicated at the same time to make. I started with about 3 big sized eggplant. I washed, peeled and sliced them into 1/2 inch thick slices. I had 3 separate dishes set up for dredging. First bowl had some plain flour. The second bowl had beaten eggs with some seasoned salt, cracked pepper & some Kosher salt. Third bowl- plain fine breadcrumbs. I lightly coated each slice of eggplant with flour then into the egg and then into the breadcrumbs. I fried the slices in Canola oil for about 4-5 minutes (until nice and brown).

I prepared my sauce. I used 2 jars of Barilla tomato and basil sauce. I added my own seasoning to taste including a little sugar, garlic, some hot pepper sauce etc... I also added good handful of freshly chopped cilantro instead of the traditional basil.
I started the layering process with the sauce and cheeses. I used Mozzarella, Feta and Parmesan. I know Feta in not traditionally used either.
I baked it covered for 25 minutes at 375 and then for another 10 minutes uncovered to brown the top. It makes the entire house smell so good!

Here is the final product. It came out delicious and the Feta and cilantro were the secret ingredients to make it extra special.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Mmmm, that looks REALLY good, Shelly! I make a similar eggplant parm, except my sauce is quite different. But I will so be trying your version! Yum!

  2. Oh YUM! Sadly, I think I am the only one in my house that likes Eggplant Parmesan.

  3. Looks delicious! I might have to try this. I've been on a new meal kick lately. The family isn't so much in love with it either ;o)

  4. Yum! I love eggplant parm, but I've actually never tried to make it. Perhaps I will. You made it sound pretty easy.

  5. That looks so good Shelly! I've tried eggplant once & didn't like it. Trying it this way looks so good. Our family has just started this vegetarian thing. We still eat fish & chicken but just try to eat more veggies. I'm going to put this on my to cook list!

  6. The meal looks quite delicious. I have never eaten eggplant before, though I heard great things. I believe it's because I have no idea how to prepare nor does anyone else in my inner circle.

    I suppose that's no longer an excuse, judging from the recipe layout on this post.

    Good idea.


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