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Sep 15, 2010

WTH? Wednesday

So it's Wednesday and as always there is so much that makes me say WTH?
  • I want to kick it off with lateness<---my #1 pet peeve. It is so inconsiderate to always be late. Of course there are those few times that you might have a really good excuse but every day? Then you have folks that almost brag about being late--"Oh I'm always running late" WTH?
  • Now I know you know several people who always have their cellphone attached to some part of their body. They have the internet, Facebook, Twitter, unlimited text...the works. Now how come when you call or text they want to boldly LIE and say they did not have their phone on them or they did not hear it ring. Really?
  • If you are a grown man (especially over the age of 35) and you put as your relationship status--"in a relationship but it's complicated" you need to man the hell up! Grow a pair!
  • WTH is up with adults doing a birthday countdown? What are we supposed to do? Throw a party, buy you a gift or build a monument in your name? Come on now, that's really tacky. Oh yeah and saying "happy birthday to me" is tacky too. #justsayin
  • You know football season is in full swing when adults act like children and I'm not talking in a playful way. Just straight up stupid and childish over a sport.
Okay, I'm done. It's your turn to share your WTH moments in the comments!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Ummm I'm guilty of tweeting Happy birthday to me on Monday. But I was #drunktweeting and seeing double. LOL

  2. I am guilty of running late most mornings.

    And for me this year, I counted down to the BIG 4-0. It was fun for ME. I didn't expect anyone to do anything. And I equate saying Happy Birthday to Me just like I say I love me. You have to do for yourself regardless. So what's wrong with wishing yourself Happy Birthday.?

  3. Shelly I am so with you on all of these WTH thoughts lol:
    I am also tired of people on Facebook writing in their status messages "someone is hating on them or haters this and haters that" That whole hater thing is so old and played out. Grow up already no one cares about your business and if people are so concerned with haters knowing their business why put it out there?

  4. I'm so guilty of the late thing. =( And the funny thing is I never was late before having my son. **excuses I know, but I'm serious**

  5. I am having a WTH moment right now, because I am hosting a major event in less than a week. And one of the attendees, has requested a refund.. WTH
    Thanks for letting me vent..
    Love Brown

  6. LOL!!! Okay, this was your funniest AND on-point WTH Wednesday ever!

    THANK YOU re: the lateness issue. Ugh! Punctuality was something my dad always felt very strongly about and, as such, it's a value that's super important to me as well. I mean, it's just so ridiculous and inconsiderate to be perpetually late. And, likewise, why can't "our" events start on time? It's not funny and it's really not cute.

    The birthday countdown is also silly. I mean, not to say that a birthday isn't special but.... you're not 6 years old. Fine, it's your birthday and.... what do you want us to do (besides wish you a happy birthday). *smh* lol.

    And finally, lmao @ the "it's complicated" FB status. That status alone is just so dramatic and "extra" no matter who posts it... that I always ignore it and don't give the person the attention they are CLEARLY seeking. I mean, come on now. "It's complicated?" Well go take that up with your therapist, but please spare us on FB.

  7. I agree with the late thing, but have to defend the phone I keep my phone on silent most of the time because I'm always somewhere where it's inappropriate for it to ring, etc. I do get back with people once I see someone has called, however.

  8. i am hollering over here! you are so bad and i am putting you in the naughty corner for the rest of the day! hahahhaaaa OMG! I am hollering! OOOOOHHHH you ain't right!!!!<<-----LOL


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