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Sep 16, 2010

The dinosaur lives!

Pictured here is my dinosaur of a curling iron. Would you believe that I have had this thing for 18 years? I remember paying about $35 for it and that was steep back in that time. It was called a Gold 'n Hot curling iron and it packs some serious heat! It has a dial attached that goes from 1-10 and once it gets to about 8 or 9 it smokes. It is the only curling iron that has ever truly curled my silky, straight hair and would hold the curls all day long (even into the next day). It is also the most dangerous heat tool since there is no safety tip on the end. It looks really icky after all these years but come on, it's 18 years old! I don't think I will ever find one as well made as this one anywhere. I forgot to mention how heavy it is.

Do you have any special gadget that you have had forever and would hate for it to finally give out?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Oh my goodness, I still have my Hot n'Gold curling iron too! You are really bringing back some memories. I don't even let my daughters use it because of how hot it gets! I used to have a blow dryer that I loved and it broke a few years back and I still think about it. I have not found one to replace it yet.It was perfect.

  2. LOL. You made think of the curling iron my mom has without a safety tip. I think she had that when I was in high school over 20 years ago. She was a beautician so she knows who to use them without a tip.

    I "borrowed" a hair dryer she had. It is over 12 years old. It dries my hair quick and it doesn't feel like straw. The High/Low switch is gone so I use the end of a rattail comb to adjust it.

  3. I think I still have my Gold'N'Hot too (although I don't use it anymore). I feel you though - so hard to get super straight hair to hold a curl.

    Ummmm, I think my dinosaur is these one pair of boots that are sooooo comfortable. I could wear them everyday (and I did at one point), except now both toes are "talking" and in dire need of a visit to the cobbler. I just need to make the time. But I am NOT giving up my boots.

  4. HA! That's great! I remember having a curling iron like that. It was pretty useless to me since my hair is OVERLY curly.

    I don't have any gadgets that I like to old on to, but I will hold on to a purse FOREVER! I have a purse I got BEFORE I was pregnant with Zilla and I love it. I will not get rid of it...ever!

  5. WOW!!!Shelly!!!!YOu make Gold n Hot look GOOD! LOL

  6. wow! I can't remember the last time I've seen one of those,lol. Definitely brings back memories. I don't have a gadget that I'd have a hard time parting with...maybe the microwave? Does that count,lol.

  7. WOW. My mom had a GE radio that she had for almost 20 years. She finally broke down and got a new one after it spoke its last words.

  8. OMG I remember those! Well, I collect older Caboodles & Pyrex which technically I haven't owned for that long, but they have been in this world that long, lol. Gotta love thrift stores.

  9. OHHHHHH I need to borrow that curling iron! <<----Is that the official name for it? YEah, I am dating myself. I totally remember them!


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