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Another dinosaur

I wanted to share another dinosaur that lurks around the Ismail domain. It is my most FAVORITE cooking utensil EVER. I got it as a hand-me-down from Dwayne's grandmother when we left to move to South Carolina 15 years ago. She had it for 20 years+ before then. I remember my mother having a similar pot spoon growing up.

I have searched high and low for a new one since the handle broke about 5 years ago. No luck. I don't care if I spend a lot to get a new one, as long as it is as good as this one. I will use this one forever or until it gives out. No other pot spoon can compare. It is so well made (probably the reason I can't find one nowadays). When I update my will next year I will give it to one of the girls (of course I have to be dead first). I'm serious. I love my spoon! It's a shame that things just aren't made as well anymore.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. OMG, this looks like one of spoons at my grandma's house. She guards them with her life because they're "sturdy and seasoned up". *lol* Too funny!

  2. You and your dinosaurs, Shelly! Hehe. :-) But i feel you - they truly don't make things the way they used to! And quality is quality, no matter how old.

  3. I have a hard rubber comb from when I was little. It is over 30 years old. It is the BEST de-tangler. I had wide teeth and nice sized handle. It is called The Afro Master. LOL. Yeah, the raised lettering is still there. They don't make hard rubber combs like the used to. I will hurt someone if they take it. LOL.

  4. I'm headed to Goodwill this Friday to hopefully pick up some dinosaurs!

  5. Great spoon! My parents had a set of silverware that has been around for YEARS! Both my sister and I have various pieces of the set. They rock!

    I hope it doesn't give out on you any time soon!


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