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WTH? Wednesday

Here are some of my latest WTH moments...

~ I just can't stand when I am watching something on TV and then the commercial comes on and suddenly the volume is loud as hell on its own... WTH? That's annoying!
~ I was at Walmart the other day and had 3 coupons (I was only purchasing 5 items). I clearly had the 3 items and the cashier (who has rung me up many times before) goes to approve them with a manager because they were for FREE items. Now these were manufacturers coupons with the little logo emblem thing and it was still questioned. WTH? You are Walmart for crying out loud! You got 500 bagillion bucks and then some. I was really disturbed.
~ I simply can't stand dealing with insurance companies. Need I say more?
~ Why is my son obsessed with Dora and her monkey Boots? He could watch it all day long if you let him. I guess I better not complain since it gave me a break from the annoying ass Wonder Pets. If any of you go saying "This is sewious" Imma fight you!
~ I get really uncomfortable in front of super religious people. If you are super religious please do not take offense. I'm just sayin'.
~ WTH is up with "reality" TV? Can Dwayne and I get a show please? We won't even ask for that much money. Seriously!
~ One last one. WTH is up with the dudes that do the fishing shows where they are looking to catch monster fish and they are going into crocodile and hippo infested waters to find one? WTH????!!!

Okay, I'm done...please leave your WTH moments in the comments :D

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. ~ Why do people EMAIL me their comments to my blog post instead of just posting the comment on the blog? Come on now, don't people know how much bloggers love comments?

    ~ College ex-BF repeatedly sending me Friend Requests on FB, even after I've been ignoring them. Dude, you're married with 3 kids. And im marrird with 2. Why do we need to be friends "online"? We're certainly not friends offline! Let it go.

    My toddler now taking off his pajama pants AND diaper in the crib after we put him to bed, and then falling asleep that way. Ummm, it's not gonna be cute when he poops in the crib and I have to clean that up. I wish he'd stop. *sigh*

  2. How about "This is hilawious!" ? That's from one of the episodes with the bunny. Finally, I know what to send William for Christmas...the entire Wonder Pets collection! Love you sweetie.

    Ummm, no WTH moments right now but I couldn't resist replying.

  3. "This is ridicllyous" Can't remember which episode, but my son was hooked on the WP's too. And yes, he have graduated to Dora and Boots, and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

    WTH do I arrive at work every morning and get stuck behind the idiot without their badge out? Dude, we need it to get into the parking lot, into the building and onto the elevator. Da hell don't you have it on the seat next to you or around your neck or something? ARGH!


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