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Do NOT try this!

I purchased the Wendy's Baja Salad for lunch today since the commercials lured me in with all the "fresh" ingredients that they use. Somebody mighta lied. It was AWFUL. I was so disappointed and can't believe I spent $6 on it. I should have taken myself up to Chick-fil-a and I know I would have been happy. How dare Wendy's brag about how improved their salads are. The cheese was not real, it was processed. The lettuce was not green enough. I felt like I had more stems parts than leaves. I was looking forward to the pico de gallo and guacamole. Big #FAIL. This salad was a mess and I would not recommend it to anyone. The end.
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Ick! Thanks for the warning. I'd be sure to head on over to their website and send an email to the corporate folks. I'm confident they'll be prompt in sending you some coupons and/or a refund.

  2. Contacting the corporate folks is the first thing I do if I have bad service anywhere. Not trying to get a refund or free meal, just better and good quality food/service. Who wants to pay for something and isn't happy with it.

  3. Thanks for the head's up!!!! Gross!

  4. See! That is exactly why I stick with Chick-Fil-A. They are my friend and they have never let me down. Never. Ever. Don't nobody have time for nasty salads and stuff.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  5. Oh NO WAY! I would have asked for a refund for sure!


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