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I wonder what will happen

William is very fond of his family. He LOVES his family. Mom, dad, sisters and dog. He asks for everyone at all times of day if he does not see them. He walks back in my bedroom at random times if he thinks he might have heard his dad and will call out "DAAAD!" He wakes up in the morning asking for Chardeeeee... Breeee.... When we are dropping the girls off someplace he sobs and cries out their names. Well school starts back on Thursday and I am so curious to see how he does without his sisters. He really became very attached over the summer. I know he will be fine overall but I am wondering if he will go through any behavioral changes. Well William will have a fun-filled "school year" of his very own. I have big lesson plans for him and will do the best to get him on the road to academic success and also potty training. The potty training will start in a couple months since he really is not showing that he is ready quite yet. Maybe once we get into a new routine with the girls being gone most of the day with school and volleyball, we will factor it in. I am ready to home school my boy and look forward to some great adventures along the way.
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  1. He'll do just fine after the first initial days. Since, you'r going to keep him busy it'll keep his mind occupied.

  2. Aww, he is definitely gonna miss his sisters - such a major change in his routine. But like Mama Remote said, I'm sure you'll keep him nice and preoccupied, so he won't have too much time to feel sad for long!

  3. All will be well for him. I think he will easily adjust to his new schedule. And I hope your potty training is Easy Breezy!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. He's a big boy! I know he's going to enjoy spending all that quality time with Mommy and Milo! :)


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