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and why is Spring so great??

If you have been reading my blog long enough then you will know that I am a winter person. I do not like the weather once it passes 65 degrees. Yesterday we bypassed spring temps in South Carolina and moved right into the 90's. No thanks, go away. I actually felt my skin burn. I have turned 4 shades darker and the pollen is a killer. I have a lovely "spring" cold today. I spent the night unable to breathe efficiently. I'm miserable. It is going to be 90 degrees again today. The higher the temps the more bees and wasps I see looming around, especially near ME. I am already tired of the bastards chasing me every time I walk out the door. The even wait at my car. I am so glad I have the remote start feature on my car that it can be ready with the cool AC blowing so we can shut the door fast. I don't think I will ride with the windows down for many months to come. I have accepted that my fuel costs will be higher, oh well. I hate Spring so much. I really, really do. The end.
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  1. Oh no!!!! How could anyone hate Spring? That's the BEST time of the year!! lol

    I LOVE Spring.

  2. I am so with you. Unfortunately it's not just me who suffer with it in this house either. Poor Christopher keeps telling me his nose doesn't work anymore. Alyssa has an allergy cough and so do I. I haven't been able to wear my contact lenses for weeks. My eyes are itchy and tearing and if that wasn't enough a spider bit me on my eyelid yesterday.

    The bugs have already showed their faces UGH...AND the ants are slowly coming too. I've seen them patrolling in the backyard all around the house.
    I frowned when my husband excitedly told me last week, Summer is almost here. Can't wait to take the kids to the beach. Beach = too much sand in places it doesn't belong + too much heat.

    I want it to be the end of fall again. Please.

  3. Omg, you guys got in the 90s??!!! I would dislike Spring too. I don't like it when its so hot outside that its sticky and humid. No thank you!

  4. Though I am a lover of's a conditional love. Nothing in the 90s. If so, relationship terminated.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  5. I can understand on the bees and the wasps. And of course when it gets hot enough that you're roasting in the sun. Right now we've got perfect spring weather of about 75 degrees and I'm loving it minus all of the rain. I would say I could do without the tornadoes too, but I love seeing those and being in the middle of their craziness. I just don't like them destroying peoples lives.

  6. I love Spring. It gives us a pleasant break before the debilitating Texas summer overwhelms us.


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