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Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend was very full and really fun. We went to Sumter on Saturday to celebrate a family member's 80th birthday (Dwayne's side- great uncle). They had a really big turn out and it was nice seeing all of the extended family for a few hours. Since the location was somewhat in the country, William had tons of fun playing in the dirt. Anyone who knows how 500% girlie girl I am knows I had to bite my lip and turn my head. I bathed the boy when we got home and saw actual dirt in the tub. He had a BLAST! Some of the teenage cousins came back to our house that evening and end up spending the night. The girls had so much fun and they were up until 3:30 that morning! Luckily they kept the noise levels to a minimum so the rest of us could sleep.

The pollen count in our area has been off the charts!! I truly never thought I would want rain on Spring break but we need it so badly. All you see outside is clouds of pollen flowing through the air. I have really been affected this year more than the previous ones. I guess because it is so much warmer and drier. Please rain, please. The girls are home this week so we plan to do some random things locally and then we have a little weekend getaway planned.

So how was your weekend??
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  1. I'm sorry about the allergies. I truly know how bad it can get.

    We had a lazy but great weekend. It was an x-box weekend too :-) and Saturday night after the kids went to bed, my husband and I had a bbq in the backyard at 11pm,we're just crazy like that. We went to the park today with his sister and mom(the fun side of the family). Kids had a blast. Hope your week is much better allergy-wise and I hope the same for myself.

  2. Despite Vic having to work, we had a great weekend. Duke won it's game Saturday. We had Easter at my parents' house of Sunday. And best of all, everyone except me is still sleeping. Do you know how awesome this quiet time is?

    As for the pollen, it is seriously kicking my ass. My allergies are so bad. And, my white van is now yellow.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! I know the kids especially enjoyed the slumber "after-party" at the house! :-)

    Oh bummer @ the allergies. :-( I remember one year i suffered realllly bad allergies - my eyes and nose itched sooo badly, I was miserable. Fortunately, it was just that one spring. Allegra helped a lot, fortunately. But I hope never to experience that again. Feel better!


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