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Dude, get out of my personal space

Okay, I am about to rant and carry on. Why oh why do people like to stand all up in your personal space? I can't stand when I am in line at the store and some fool is standing practically on top of me. I take an extra step forward and the fool takes one too. I am too nice of a person to be rude and tell them to back the hell up. I really don't like that at all. Also I do not appreciate when people touch my hair and start playing around with it. This happens to me all the time! Does anyone understand what personal space is?? Let me not get started on random strangers in the store that touch little William's mouth. There was this one morning that a little old lady decided she did not want William to stick his tongue out so she thought she would do him a favor and stick it back in his mouth. Once again, way too nice of a person to start something. I whipped those baby wipes out mighty fast!! I stay in my own space and would appreciate others to do the same!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. omg i so agree with you...once when my oldest daughter was around 2 yrs old we were in line at the grocery daughter was eating a cookie..this lady asked for a bite and my daughter reached her hand out...i thought the lady was going to pretend to take a bite but SHE REALLY TOOK A BITE of her cookie!!! i was u, i didnt say anything i just smiled and took the cookie away from my daughter while the lady continued to play with her and they both seemed not to notice...i also hate when ppl grab my infant's hands...yuck i dunno where ur hands have been and i dont know u so please dont touch my child i say in my head lol! small world im from the orangeburg area!

  2. wow. i cannot stand it when people stand too close while talking to you. stranger or not. i sorta turn to the side or try my damndest to get parallel or at least angled to the perp.

  3. You can nicely say something. Like "Excuse me," and indicate you need room. Why inconvenience yourself and make you uncomfortable by not saying anything.

    I remember I was on the bus and it was packed. Folks were standing up, this boy's behind was all in my daughter's face almost bumping into her. I said, "Excuse me, could you get your his behind out his my daughter's face." Some other kids heard it and laughed.

  4. We did a study in psychology about this, lets just say I didn't feel comfortable doing it at all because I don't like being in others personal space. When someone stands to close to me in line, I turn around and look them right in the eye, give them the dirtiest look I can and turn back around, usually works :)

  5. you already know my feelings on this topic.


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