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Catch and Glow Bug Jug Review

I was offered a toy to review from *Ebeanstalk for William's age. We recieved the Catch and Glow Bug Jug by Lamaze.Before I could even finish pulling the toy out from the box it was shipped in, William was grabbing for it. I had to go in another room just to be able to take it out of the packaging so he could freely play with it. The jug part of this toy has a flip open lid that has a kaleidoscope top. The little "glow bugs" flicker when they are moved around giving the effect of fireflies. William loves it! He most enjoys seeing the colors from the top of the jug as they change with the kaleidoscope feature. I was a little disappointed that one of the glow bugs did not work. It did not effect his interest in the toy one bit. I think this Catch and Glow Bug Jug would be a great baby shower gift or a good one-year birthday gift.

*Ebeanstalk is a website dedicated to selecting great toys for 1 year olds and toys for 2 year olds. They have a team of moms and a team of child experts that help them pick out toys by age, so you can be sure your child gets toys that have been specifically matched to his or her age!

Disclosure: I was provided with a toy for review and received no further compensation for this post.

Shelly, Mom Files

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