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Toddlers and music

Dwayne has introduced William to the keyboard since the boy loves to stop by the girls' piano and tap on the keys. William took to it right away and loves to play beautiful "music". You should see how his face lights up when you turn the power on. Of course Dwayne has to add a little hip-hop feel to it and play his pre-programmed drumbeats.

William loves it! I think we will put him in lessons once he is old enough to read and write. Look at that face. It is said that music and math go hand in hand so we shall see when the time comes.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Awwwww, he looks positively joyful!

  2. He just seems to love it! Like Pascha said, he looks positively joyful.

  3. A perfect picture of happiness.

  4. He's a born natural! LOVE his smile!

  5. Such cute pictures. My son loves the drums. He's only 5 and had gone through 3 drumsets. I'm at a point now that I have to put his drumset in the garage and let him play. The noise is too much for me!

  6. Look at litte Willie jamming away. He's so cute!


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