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Teens and phone etiquette

As a parent to teenagers we have grown quite accustomed to them making and receiving phone calls almost on a daily basis. We have very strict yet fair rules when it comes to using the phone. They both have cellphones with texting but they have rules that go along with it. I am one of those moms that checks up to be sure that rules are not being broken. The girls know they have one time to mess up and that's it, phone is GONE. If a friend wants to contact them it must be done through the home phone. They are only allowed to have very very few people calling the cellphone and they are mostly only family. Now coming back to the home phone... When friends call the home phone they must simply acknowledge me or Dwayne and state their name and then ask for either of our daughters. Simple, right? You would not believe how many times these teenagers call our home and say "Can I speak to Chardonnay" or "Is Brie there?" Um, hell no. You don't get to talk to anyone unless you show some respect. This may seem like and overreaction on my part but hell, we pay the bills in our home. I teach my children that when you call some one's home and the parent or and adult answers you should have to decency to say hello and state your name and then say MAY I please speak with so and so if he/she is available. It is the parents' responsibility to teach their kids manners and common courtesy. Wow, I think this turned into a vent! Sorry :)

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. You're one step ahead of me. We don't even allow the kids to have cellphones. For one, we simply can't afford them and for two, I don't believe they're really needed. Things might change when we're able to afford them, however.

  2. Preach on! Manners (or the lack of them) are a huge pet peeve of mine and I constantly work and remind my kids about them.

  3. Awesome. That is a good training and discipline to your children especially youngsters are now very different nowadays. Old school as it may seem but it is the basic factor that should be implemented at homes. :)

  4. I just forwarded this to Danyelle. This confirms that I am NOT and was NOT a crazy parent. Her friends KNEW how to call my house. How about one of her friends say HEY to my husband when they came over. HEY????? I will let YOU figure out how the big bad Marine handled that. LOL

  5. I like it.
    When I was younger I was taught to answer the phone in the following way; "Pilgrim's residence, Lynsie speaking" I hated it when I was little, but now I know the importance of respect when you are on the telephone. I will teach my kids the same kind of respect that I expect to receive.


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