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Dec 27, 2009

Putting it all away

I started late last night taking all the ornament off the tree. It was supposed to be just that. Instead the lights made their way off and then eventually the tree itself completely disappeared, tucked away in enormous storage bins. All signs of Christmas have vanished. I am one of those people that just don't like keeping seasonal things up past the time. We really like getting the house cleaned up and organized for the New Year. Dwayne has gotten our bill book made for 2010 and I got a new computer and so we have no excuse to have things get out of control. I even bought a new coupon organizer to help save the family some money. If I don't have a coupon or it is not on sale I generally won't purchase that item. So now that I have completely switched subjects it is time for me to go! I will be back tomorrow :)


  1. Good for you. We always leave our stuff up through Epiphany so I have a little while to go.

  2. Good girl. I am the same, my house must be thoroughly cleaned before the New Year.

  3. Ok, I need to get on the ball :)

  4. Sometimes it's good to clean things up relatively right away...otherwise you just end up putting it off for "just one more day"

  5. I'm that way too, but we just took ours down 3 days ago. Jaimen woke up from his nap and everything was gone, he was a little confused that it wasn't still Christmas


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