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I miss my blog

Seriously, I have really missed my blog. I can't believe I have not updated it in days. I last wrote about being sick. Well I went and overdid it and relapsed so I have been really taking it easy. I am feeling up to par now so I will stop being such a slacker. We had a nice quiet Christmas and I am always so amazed by how much planning, preparing, wrapping and cooking you do for it to all be over so quickly. I guess it will be time to get the house all spiffy for the new year. I am not making any resolutions except to keep myself healthy. I feel like that is important and I already do what I can daily to ensure good health. Well I have a lot more interesting things to talk about so I will get back on the ball and blog daily to fill everyone in on all the latest shenanigans and goings on in the Ismail household. I hope everyone had a great time this holiday season!


  1. So sorry you've been feeling ill. I'm sure the kiddies and Christmas preparations haven't left you much time to relax. I feel like a slacker too. Sometimes when I feel pressure to update my blog, I post pictures. But I try not to do that too often. BTW, I was in Columbia last weekend visiting my sister. Have a happy new year!

  2. You were missed!!!!! I hope you're feeling much much better and stay that way because it was TOO quiet over here :)

    You're right about all the planning that goes into the day and once the kids rip through all the presents and the family slay all the food, it's a WRAP! LOL

    Enjoy your holiday season and can't wait to ring in the New Year!

  3. Health really is super important!! :)


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