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Joining a playgroup

Today I received a random letter in the mail that was addressed from one of the elementary schools in our school district. I was not sure what it was about since neither of my girls have ever been to that school. It turned out to be an invitation to join a free playgroup once a week for William at a local church that happens to be located directly across from Briahnna's middle school. They offer story time, art & music, rhymes & finger play and free play. It is at the perfect time too, 10:30-11:30 which fits in before nap time. I am going to sign up and maybe it will help William be a bit more social. The great part is if it does not work out after a few times we had nothing to lose. I will let you all know how it works out. I look forward to meeting other parents with little ones Will's age in my area. I think it will be fun for the grown-ups as well.
If you a toddler aged child did you attend any playgroups? What was your experience with it?


  1. I did playgroups. It can be a great experience for William. Honestly, I had one awkward experience where some of the moms were a little over the top for me...for some of them, the playgroup was their BIG excursion for the week. I can't JUST talk about my son, I have to also talk about worldly and local issues, interests, etc. Hopefully, the one you check out will be a good fit for you both. Enjoy and keep me posted. Pascha

  2. I never did playgroups. Hope you and William have a good time.

  3. I got one of those notices too. I'm wanting Jay to socialize with kids his age but I'm not ready to socialize with kids my age... wait... that's why I have a problem. I doubt if any of the moms will be as young as I.

  4. I've had good and not so good experiences. I prefer small playgroups where moms share like-kind values.

    I wish you and your son the best of times!

  5. You should start your own playgroup. This way it's on your turf and your rules :)


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