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Oct 4, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

I spent the weekend doing a whole lot of random things that thankfully kept me close to my family. I was so glad to see everyone in one place all at the same time! The girls schedules are so hectic with school, volleyball practice (5-7 days a week), volleyball games and homework. Some nights Chardie does not get home until 10:00 and has to be to her early bird class at 7:30 am. With all of that I am proud that both girls are maintaining their grades (A's) and still try to keep up with their responsibilities at home. I really do miss them a lot.

We spent Saturday at a tournament for Brie and Sunday we did some 'girls only' shopping. I bought myself a whole entire set of makeup and will be throwing away all of the stuff I currently own. This is my first step to trying to take more time out to take care of myself. Next step is a new haircut. I am playing around with a few ideas. I am thinking long sexy layers. Then again, maybe a choppy short cut? I have to find a photo and then go from there. I have been searching online but the problem I have is that all the cute styles I like look better if you have blond or highlighted hair. I will not ever color my hair so whatever it ends up being will have to look good in jet black with a few gray streaks. I intend to let my gray grow in since my husband thinks I will look like one of those hot older chicks. He is so full of it! haha!

I hope everyone has a great week :-)


  1. No matter how you cut it or dont cut it you are and incredibly beautiful lady inside and out

  2. I agree with Paula... you are one incredible lady. I would do the long sexy layers. Only because I can never have long sexy layers, thin fine hair doesn't like long hair.

  3. Shopping with the girls sounds like so much fun. And, with long hair, short hair, or no hari at all, you will look GREAT!


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