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Shelly is de-funked

I wrote a post the other day about not feeling like myself and found the culprit. I was taking vitamins and they were messing with me in a big way. I thought that maybe I needed to take a multi-vitamin to give my body some of those important vitamins and minerals I might not be getting daily. I noticed that taking these vitamins my appetite increased to where I would eat ALL day long. Might I add, eating all the wrong things and indulging in a lot of sweets and junk food. I realized that this changed my mood and physical feelings. I decided to stop the vitamins and 24 hours later the normal Shelly came back to the world. I am so happy to be back. No more multi-vitamins for me! I will stick to calcium and vitamin C supplements. I'm baaack!!!


  1. Glad you figured out what was messing with you.

  2. I had no idea vit could mess you up so much. I am glad you figured it out. I have been in a funk latly and I think it is my hormones.

  3. That is very interesting. Didn't think vitamins coulkd have that sort of effect, glad you figured it out. I'm doing research now for a good multi-vitamin. I just did a post recently on my blog about the best supplements for us women. Haven't found multi yet with all the supplements so I am still on the hunt.


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