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Whos' the bigger kid?

Yesterday evening I went to the store (with the red circles) with Dwayne and William. We were out for specific items and I wanted to get what we needed and get out of that busy place. Dwayne decided that we needed to walk through the toy aisles, excluding the girly ones that had everything in shades of pink with spark;es. He wanted to see all things boy (man). He was in awe of all the army men, robots, car & trucks, superheroes, bug looking things... He was in toy heaven. We saw this fighter pilot headset that was cool (I admit it) and it was $40. Now y'all know my cheap husband was insisting it better be able to tell the future for that price hahaha! He was showing William all these things that he needs to be at least 4 or 5 to even play with. You should to see all the excitement in Dwayne's face. William, not so much. Dwayne tried to pick up at least 3 things that I had to convince him we did not need and you should have seen the pouty face! I learned something. Do not take Dwayne to stores that sell toys. Leave him HOME!



  1. AHAHAHAHA! We go through the same thing! Except now that Zilla is six, he wants ALL the toys. Dirty just wants to "cool ones". I swear we'd go broke it we went shopping more often.

  2. Hehehe, the more I read about him, the more I know he and Vic would get along.

  3. not sure from the pic which one was sadder lol pssst..... Dwayne do a dad/son outing to the toy aisle at the store with the big red circles....

  4. I love that photo! It is so nice.


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