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Wordfull Wednesday- Case of the Beaver

I borrowed the Wordfull Wednesday from Renee at Cutie Booty Cakes. There is no way I could have done this post without a lot of words involved!
These are some photos that were taken on our side yard in the woods of some trees that were casualties of our neighborhood beaver. I have never actually seen anything like this in real life before.

Dwayne has heard him beavering (who knows what you call it) at night. I just wish I could capture some shots while the little pest is in action! I haven’t gotten a really good look at him since he is usually swimming way on the other side of the pond in the day time.

See our lovely pollen? Ugh! This could easily turn into a vent day!
This is the dam the beaver built covering the drainpipe of the pond we live on.

Here is his stash! Dwayne likes to call it firewood for next Winter!



  1. Wow, he really is a busy beaver! Does the sound keep you up at all?

  2. Thats amazing!!! but shhhhh please dont tell Chris, he may wanna come get it and bring it home

  3. Cool pics! Hehehe...set up a motion sensing camera. That should get you beaver pics.

  4. LOL @ "beavering"...

    Renee aka Mekhismom is right...That is ONE busy beaver!

  5. How neat it would be to actually catch the beaver in action, yet how frustrating it can be. lmao, at the crazy things Dwayne says... He so needs to have a Dwayne Dictionary, or at the very least a reference book to the words he says and/or uses....

  6. Leave it to Dwayne to come up with "beavering". ha. ANd holoy cow, that pollen... wow!


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