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Mar 10, 2009

Much better night

I think Dwayne might be on to something or it is just a fluke. He came up with an idea to get William to sleep better at night. Here's the plan:
  • turn of the television
  • bathe and feed William and then put him on the floor to exercise (wear himself out)
  • Light candles (out of reach of course)
  • when he shows signs of being ready to sleep then down he goes.

Outcome: We had to make sure he was okay this morning since he did not want to wake up! 8 am is a good wake-up time if you ask me! Dwayne has one or two good ideas every so often ;)



  1. Dang the boy was like meditating almost probably. Your two year old did exactly what I had planned on doing last night. Minus the excersise of course but all I got was a quick shower and shave at 1030pm then to bed

  2. A good warm bath and a snack results in The Man being knocked out.

  3. "to exercise" I love how 'playing/wearing himself out' is phrased!

    We have always had the same bedtime with Jaimen, this way he rarely fights bedtime, or nap time.

    Good thinkin Dwayne.

  4. I love the exercise bit. I let Mekhi run around as much as possible when it is close to bed time. Let the kids wear themselves out.

  5. And you say William isn't running the show!

    LOL ;)

    I love it.

    Get it William, Get it.

    Make sure to tell Mommy and Daddy to DIM the lights and play soothing music too. Oh and a full body massage! Yeah, that should do the trick too ;)

  6. Anything that gets them to sleep better at night is well worth it.


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