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Mar 11, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. We hope you enjoy the video and make sure to hit us up in the comments with your vents.



  1. This is my first time coming to your blog and the video had my laughing so hard. Dwayne you are contagious. Thanks for the laugh!


    Please visit me at

  2. You two are so funny...........
    Soap and Pork chops

    Joanna Dwayne's Mom

  3. Ana Mae ( What Love got to do with it)

    Dwayne you should be role model for The Children Network
    (Backyardinans)... smile

  4. As usual ya'll by the time I get done watching any little vent is out the window from the laughter and joy ya'll bring

  5. I agree, Oatmeal cakes are pure sugar. I hate those things.

    You two need a show, you all would have tons of veiwers.

  6. Chris Brown, Teen Choice Awards?? CRAZY!! I agree, Ike Turner '09, for real.

    This was great, thanks for laughs!

  7. Dwayne, I am an only child too. We can be crazy. I have only one child and she can be crazy. We onlies get a bad rap. I am not spoiled, shoot I wish I had gotten just the basics growing up, that's another story.

    LOL. I have to say yes we onlies had to entertain ourselves. Some folks find it funny how I can enjoy being to myself. I love solitude. I can crack my own self up and when around people they laugh at me.

    But Dwayne, man, I just think you are special and probably be more silly if you had siblings. LOL. Look at the Wayans family, they are nuts.

  8. I am rolling over here! Only children have the rain to talk to.

    Hey, you see that rain? Yeah, I see that rain! LOL

    I love those oatmeal cream pies. Leave him alone.

    Product Placement hold up I need my money! I heard that!!!!

    Wait, wait, did he say....Anna Mae!!!!!!!! I'm done. LOL

  9. I have to remember to watch these videos in the DAYTIME. This just does NOT work for me while the kiddies are asleep. I end up in so much pain trying to hold back the laughter wanting to burst out of me. Ditto on the ONLY CHILD SYNDROME, and Ike of 2009 is out the box. I can hardly type this comment!! TOO, TOO, TOO, TOO FUNNY!!!

  10. Okay my stomach is KILLING me from laughing! Anna Mae? LMAO! 10% from the Nobel Prize! Classic! I hope Little Debbie Calls you!


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