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Mar 9, 2009

He is something else

William has acquired a new habit. He wakes up at 2 am every night now for about a week acting as if he never gets fed. He gives the 'hungry cry' and does not seem to stop until he gets a bottle. He is about to turn a year old and we will not be doing the bottle much longer so I am not sure what will happen. Dwayne and I realized that having a boy is way different after having 2 girls. William really thinks he can try to run things. Disciplinary action had been taken already so he knows who's boss around here. I guess we have to exercise patience a bit more with this one.
William is lucky he is so adorable. Whatever he is going through, I am hoping it will soon pass.
Has anyone had this happen with their little one before where they go from sleeping through the night and then the opposite, waking up in the middle of the night to eat? What advice can you give us?


  1. Mekhi always woke up at 2 for a feeeding. When I was weaning him I would give him water at that time or I would just have his father go in. It is rough at first because he is going to cry but you have to get him off that middle of the night bottle.

  2. Its time for him to cry it out....Is the hardest part of being a mom. They catch on real quick that 1st night they cry and you come running. They will catch on just as fast when you dont come as well. He is just testing the waters here. A couple nights of letting him cry it out you will be fine!!

  3. If you can't bear to let him cry, give him a bottle with water in it. Usually, once they figure out they aren't getting the good stuff, the night time wakings taper off.

  4. My second try at this: I have no advice but the pouty look on his face is the cutest

  5. I'm a big ol softie as well!! I know I'm spoiling her rotten, but I really like getting up with her and holding her like I did when she was brand new!! :) Now don't go thinkin she's 13 everyone....she's almost 1 as well!! :)

  6. Ummm with a face like that, I am NO help. Whatever William wants, William gets.

    I'm a sucker for a cute face. You know I have NO ADVICE here. ;)

  7. ***Disciplinary action had been taken already so he knows who's boss around here.***

    My response: Yeah right. WE ALL KNOW who runs the show. But, for the blog sake, we'll just AGREE that mommy and daddy are running the show.


    I love ya'll so much! He is sooooo cute. I would not get any sleep cuz, I would just stare at him all night!!

  8. Kids sleep patterns can be so well not patterned at all :) When my kids were young we went through lots of different periods. Thankfully they outgrew each and every one of them.


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